Hello, dear friend! I am Claude, you can call me also Klaus if you are from a Germanic country, and I welcome you to join my journey to financial freedom. I am originally from Romania and I have been living in Berlin, Germany since the end of 2014. I don’t see myself or my family living forever here, we will see where life will take us next.

My goal is to be financially independent by the time my kids leave the house (in around 15 years) and retire in a sunny country, most probably Spain or Portugal. Or move there earlier, because why not?

The reason I’ve started this blog is that I want to have a journal for it for my future self and share my experiences in this journey, for other people like me, that are interested in financial independence. I believe that not having to be dependent on a job (that you don’t like) and being able to live wherever you like would bring a lot of happiness and joy into one’s life. I also see a lot of materials (blogs and Youtube channels) about the FIRE movement coming from the US, with financial advice that doesn’t apply to Europe (401k plans, Roth plans, the real estate market from there etc.) and not so many from people based in Europe.

I have started in the investment world at the beginning of 2020, by reading and watching some videos and made my first investments. I’m interested and I’m evaluating the world of stocks and ETFs, peer-to-peer lending and real estate. Other categories might come in the future.

Stay tuned!