What is my starting point?

I am starting this journey with not so much stuff. I don’t have rich parents, rich aunts from where I can inherit fortunes, I come from a country (Romania, in Eastern Europe) where salaries were low and very low when I started my career, but got better in the recent years. I don’t have financial education, my schools and my parents didn’t offer me one. All the knowledge that I have is my own education and research on the web. I have started to read more about investments, finance and asset classes in the beginning of 2020, so just almost one year ago. My sources of inspiration are books, internet articles, finance oriented websites or Youtube channels. I will talk more about them in the future, most probably I will dedicate separate articles for that.

I am a married guy and have two small children under age of 5, that require constant investments of money and time. But they also bring me joy and I want to raise them to be independent and happy. I live at the moment in a rented house outside of Berlin, Germany.

We own an apartment in Romania that used to be rented until a few months ago and we plan to rent it or even sell it in the near future. The rental market is not so great in Romania, there are not so many laws and you can lose money if you have a bad tenant. We have a car, some cash in the bank and few investments, around 7000 EUR. Almost nothing, compared to other people that are pursuing the same path. I’ve calculated our net worth at ~ 180K EUR. I will create separate articles each month with my (our) net worth and updates.

Let’s see how we can increase our net worth and invest wisely, so these investments will return a nice lifestyle, shall we?