Portfolio update – June 2021

Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

Welcome to my fifth portfolio update or the year 2021, I hope you enjoy them. I’ve decided to post updates at the end of the quarter, as things are not so interesting every single month. Now let’s get into things!

The big news since April is that we finally signed the papers for the house at the notary in May! Horray! Finally, after almost one year of waiting, since the house was reserved for us. Things started to move quickly and at the end of May we received the keys, although the process is not yet finalized and the seller didn’t get the money from us. It is a weird situation for us, because usually the buyer gets the keys and can move in after the seller receives the money in their account. Anyhow, we asked our lawyer and we cancelled our rental contract (thus saving some money), we made some small renovations and end of June we moved to our new home. Our own house in Germany!

Some busy months will follow, we plan some renovations, but nothing spectacular or expensive, basically we want to redecorate the attic, which is quite big, it will be our home office.

That’s it from the personal side, let’s see how my investments performed:

My investment account was at 9,017€, 1457€ more than previous update, broken down in 817€ cash invested and 640€ gained due to assets appreciation. I use Trade Republic as a broker and if you create an account using this link, we will both receive a bonus of 15 after your first trade.

I had experienced investing into P2P lending with Mintos, but at the moment I am withdrawing until further notice. At the moment I have 540 in the account. I have most of the money (460€) in recovery.

Finally, some numbers about our total net worth: it decreased by 1740€ compared to last update (savings + investments). The decreased is caused by different expenses: closing the deal for the new house, closing the old rental contract, some renovations, materials and furniture etc. The distribution of the worth looks like this:


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