Portfolio update – June 2022

Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

Welcome to my second portfolio update or the year 2022, I hope you enjoy them. I’ve decided to post updates at the end of the quarter, as things are not so interesting every single month. Now let’s get into things!

On the professional side, things are not looking good. I’ve got a small raise, but my company had to lay off 10% of its workforce, in an effort to “focus on being profitable”, rather that following growth with all costs. Fortunately I was not affected, but some projects got shut down, including one that I worked a lot in April and May. Oh well, we’ll see what future holds for me.

We decided together that my wife will focus more on the kids, so she gave up a stressful job, which she liked, but she didn’t get the proper appreciation and money for her work. It will be a loss in our budget, but not by much, at least in the first year. I will try to earn more so compensate and she can dedicate fully to integrating our kids into the German society and preparing them for school.

On the personal side, we finally managed to make that trip to Romania. I was great that we could visit family and friends, but we also remembered all the reasons we decided to move to Germany and we got to appreciate our house and the build quality that exists here in Germany.

That’s it from the personal side, let’s see how my investments performed:

My investment account was at 13132, 468€ less than previous update, broken down in 1230€ cash invested and 1698€ loss due to assets depreciation. This quarter was quite bad, due to this stupid war in Russia and all the interest rates spike. Things are not looking good on the investment side, everybody fears a recession. I use Trade Republic as a broker and if you create an account using this link, we will both receive a bonus of 15 after your first trade.

I had experienced investing into P2P lending with Mintos, but at the moment I am withdrawing until further notice. At the moment I have 450 in the account. I have all of the money (450€) in recovery.

Finally, some numbers about our total net worth: it increased by about 10.000€ compared to last quarter (savings + investments). The increase can be attributed to savings and the credit reimbursement. I need to rebuild our savings first, before thinking of future investments. Also, probably this year I will be more conservative with investments and spending, first we need to get past this winter without paying a fortune for heating and electricity.

Worth Distribution June 2022

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