Portfolio update – February 2021

Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

Welcome to my second portfolio update or the year 2021, I hope you enjoy them. Now let’s get into things!

February was a good month professionally: I’ve started the new project, it involves doing more work that requires communication rather than technical stuff, but it’s something that I enjoy so far. The startup that I’ve started with my friend seems to be a good idea, we already have two investors that promised to fund us for this year! Yey, exciting times ahead! Investment wise, this month was not so great, basically I’ve lost some money on the shares that I’ve bought, including a marked loss of 100€ on GameStop (note to myself: don’t speculate on the stock market). I would have been better off if I’ve invested this money in a ETF, but I want to get some knowledge in how to invest in the stock market anyhow.

This month I’ve invested some additional funds that were sitting in some account for business travel, but currently this is not needed anymore.

My investment account was at 6540€, 940€ more than previous month, broken down in 1100€ cash invested and 160€ lost due to assets depreciation. I use Trade Republic as a broker and if you create an account using this link, we will both receive a bonus of 15 after you’re first trade.

I had experienced investing into P2P lending with Mintos, but at the moment I am withdrawing until further notice. At the moment I have 632 in the account, 2€ more as last month. I have around half of the money (462€) in recovery. I am still debating if I should continue investing in the P2P space, seems to be too much time consuming and I won’t have a lot of time in the next year. Still open point, but I tend to consolidate on savings plans in ETFs, it’s the most passive investment ever.

Finally, some numbers about our total net worth: it increased by 2238€ compared to last month (savings + investments). The distribution of the worth looks like this (I’ve added some value to the apartment in Bucharest, as the prices continue to rise):


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