Portfolio update – January 2021

Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

Welcome to my first portfolio update or the year 2021, I hope you enjoy them. Now let’s get into things!

January 2021 was a very good month, not especially in the financial terms, but in terms of new opportunities. I would say the year 2021 started very strong, with more opportunities arising than ever before. I’ve tested the waters of freelance after many years of pause and managed to get my first contract (that ended after one week at the client’s request, doesn’t matter, the first step was made). Also, in my day job I got a new project with a new position that I haven’t done it before, so I am pretty excited about that also. And, to top it all up, a friend came up with a business idea and from the end of the month we are working on our startup.

As I said, in the past year I could not dedicate too much money for investments, as we want to buy a house (we are actually in the process of buying one) and most of the money are saved for this purpose. Also, working on a business idea means saving up, maybe in a year or so I will have to give up my day job and live off the salary from my startup. At the moment, I invest 300 per month in the stock market and I plan to do the same for this year. In case some opportunity comes, I can throw 100-200 EUR more. For example I’ve joined the GameStop craziness and bought one stock.

My investment account was at 5600, 602 more than previous month, broken down in 400 cash invested and 202 gained due to assets appreciation. I use Trade Republic as a broker and if you create an account using this link, we will both receive a bonus of 15 after you’re first trade.

The other instrument where I was invested in the stock markets was ROBIN, a robo-advisor from Deutsche Bank, but I am was not satisfied by its performance so I’ve liquidated the account and the money is in my savings account. I will use the money for the house transaction which should happen anytime soon.

I had experienced investing into P2P lending with Mintos, but at the moment I am withdrawing until further notice. At the moment I have 830 in the account, 3 more as last month. I have around half of the money (460€) in recovery. I am still debating if I should continue investing in the P2P space, seems to be too much time consuming and I won’t have a lot of time in the next year. Still open point, but I tend to consolidate on savings plans in ETFs, it’s the most passive investment ever.

Finally, some numbers about our total net worth: it increased by 1490€ compared to last month (savings + investments). The distribution of the worth looks like this:



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